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Few occasions are as momentous… or as fleeting… as the day you commit to love forever. Moments appear and are gone – a shared look, the gentlest touch, the scent on the breeze.

Capturing these moments on film is my passion.  A passion to make your memories live and breathe life into that which you missed.

My work is a form of visual expression that is intrinsically recognisable as truth - personal truth and the shared universal truth that reconnects us to the human condition.

I studied the craft at such luminaries as the BBC and Aardman Animations, mastering technique, challenging my evolving expertise, until I couldn’t resist that powerful draw – a craving to reveal, uninhibited by script or pretence. 

Your wedding is my opportunity to bring my skills to bear in the most meaningful of ways.  To capture your joy, forever, is my challenge.  I couldn’t do what I do, without you.

This is your day – the inception of your future life together.  The detail is too important to miss.

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